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Our blog provides wonderful advice on creating and maintaining business plans as well as general business advice.

Are You Leaving Millions In Cyberspace?

I am yet to meet a small business owner that doesn’t want more business, or at the very least for their sales and marketing costs to be lower. Huge sums of money are spent on marketing, from advertising to trade shows, social media to emails. Business owners sweat over the best marke..

My Business Idea - Will It Work? Take The Sniff Test

The idea of the new business is a glorious thing. In the mind of the aspiring business owner, it is perfect. Before the reality of costs, staff, landlords and taxes, the imagination can take the fantasy of business ownership to delirious heights of wealth, lifestyle and autonomy. ..

Partnerships: How To Avoid A Nasty Breakup

In the early stages of starting a business, you and your business partner work tirelessly to set-up the business to hit the ground running – brainstorming the business' name, setting up social media accounts and finalising the fit out. It's an exciting time. Neither you nor your busin..

Missions, Visions And Values: Corporate Flatulence Or Business Doctrine?

Time for a quiz. To what organisations can we attribute the following statements, components of the published statements about themselves: “Integrity. Saying and doing what’s right.” “We are committed to serving our guests, our co-workers and the commun..

Buying A Business - Explained By A Lawyer

Buying a business involves a number of important legal, financial and commercial considerations. If you are looking to buy a business, this article sets out three key steps in the sale process. 1. Gathering Information on the Business Due diligence is the process of gathering fac..

Rowing Your Boat Vs. Steering Your Ship. Which Are You Doing?

“I don’t want to grow too big” are words I very often hear from business owners, when we start a business planning project. My understanding of their opinion is that, at that time, their businesses are already pushing them to the limit, stressing them out and not giving them th..

Top 11 Reasons Why Having A Business Is Like Having A Baby

My first business was a restaurant, which, despite the common perception of it being a fun, glamourous businesses, actually really it’s hard work. About one month after opening we had the first super-busy Saturday dinner, which was very exciting, but we ran out of all fresh produce. Even t..

Stingy Bosses Strangle Company Culture

Money in small business feels like Australian weather, either drought or flood, always unpredictable and not knowing when the season will change. It’s is a juggling act, and can be a tough gig at times, with lots of priorities to manage, stress about future revenues and costs; always with ..

What Is A Business Plan?

The most common perception of a business plan is a formal, structured, professional document that describes all parts of a business, ordered in a sequential and predictable format. We have all seen them. To be honest that is what most business plans look like and – especially if you a..

Business Planning – How To Make It Work.

The enemy of business planning is the business plan, well, at least the traditional concept of the business plan. For most small business owners, the idea of a business plan is a formal, structured document that sits on a shelf and no-one looks at (except maybe the bank). What that means is..

Use Guzmania To Grow Your Business.

Recently, The Business Plan Company completed a research project on Guzman y Gomez, the highly successful taqueria chain that is steadily growing across Australia. Starting in Sydney’s Newtown in 2006, it now has 80 stores, with 20 new sites slated for 2017, drive-through stores as we..

Foot In Mouth

Foot in mouth - a condition all business owners should avoid. Here's how. We have all put our foot in our mouth at some time and said something stupid, clumsy, awkward or embarrassing. It’s the ‘you’re pregnant’ when she is not, slipping out the surprise party..

On The Lookout! Stop Your Business Getting Eaten Alive.

Working ‘on’ your business is one of those things that we know we should all be doing, but it’s so easy to put off in the day-to-day hubbub of running your business: the phone keeps ringing, someone doesn't turn up to work or a new job comes in. Each of these takes (necessary..

Snake Oil For Small Business - Get It Here!

Picture this: a new business owner, just the first few months but getting impatient to get results and with almost no funds to spend. What does he do? Pays a social media consultant pretty much all the remaining cash, in a do-or-die attempt to kick start the business. No guesses of the outcome. ..