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Tenders, Pitches & Presentations

Perplexed by presentations? Terrified of tenders? Pained by pitches?

Give yourself the best chance of winning and make the process easy – give it to the experts. The Business Plan Company prepare hundreds of plans, presentations, tenders and pitches every year. Working by your side, we take the time to understand the specifications for your submission. Our team of small business experts have worked in every industry, owned businesses in international markets and know how to win business.
We understand small business, so charge a fair price that won’t break the bank.


Business presentations

Getting a super-sharp business presentation takes some expertise and time, structuring it right to capture maximum attention. We take the best of your business plan to make a presentation with impact. You don’t need to too much, just answer questions as we go along, guide us in your style and let us know what you think. We get the presentation design right, The final product will empower you to go out and win business. We work with small and start-up businesses every day, so you can feel confident that we understand your business, are down to earth and speak your language.

Small Business Tenders (RFP)

Small businesses can struggle with business tenders (also known as a Request for Proposal RFP). Without the expertise or practice to create a tender submission that stands out, it can be difficult to make it to the next round. Our experts at Business Plan Company have created many business tenders, and answer all questions and criteria so you can submit your tender document with confidence. We collaborate with you to understand the approach and direction and then develop the document and content for your small business. We make sure to constantly run each part of the RFP by you and get your approval. Our experts have years of experience in this area and you have to sit back and relax while we work through the entire documents for you.



The pitch is the highest impact, highest pressure business presentation; your big chance to impress. Why leave it to chance? We work with you and your business plan to create a short, sharp and powerful pitch document that will have your audience wanting more. With full consultation, we work alongside you to create the perfect pitch document or pitch deck in your style, so you can deliver it with confidence. Our experts develop short small business focussed strategy plans in a high-impact format and explore the best marketing ideas which are unique to your company to help you win business.

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