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Small Business Marketing Plan

Small Business Mini Marketing Plan

For many small businesses, marketing is a trial-and-error game of chance, hoping for the best results and trying to keep the costs down. Marketing planning is rare, so vital activities like defining target markets, creating marketing budgets or planning around seasonality just don't happen. 

A marketing plan is of paramount importance for every small business, whether your business is starting off, growing or needs direction. At The Business Plan Company, we know small businesses don't have much time and budgets are limited, so we have created the perfect solution, a Small Business Mini Marketing Plan. We will find out what is working for your business, look at your market, set a schedule and set you in the right direction. It stops the uncertainty and marketing guesswork that so many small businesses suffer.

Small Business Mini Marketing Plan

What you get
  • Analysis of your current marketing and business activities
  • Research into key areas
  • Analysis, feedback and guidance by experienced small business experts
  • Development of your Small Business Mini Marketing Plan
What's in a Small Business Mini Marketing Plan
  • Business Objectives: Mission & Vision
  • Product Description
  • Situational Analysis & Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Objective
  • Marketing Communications Plan with Marketing Channels & Tools
  • Yearly Marketing Schedule
  • Budget & Marketing Summary 

Priced from $1200 + GST

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