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Loans and Finance

Bank Business Plans, Finance Business Plans, Business Plans for loans, Investor business plans

The Business Plan Company have many years experience preparing business plans suitable for banks, finance, investor and loan applications. With independent advice from registered finance experts, you can be assured that your business plan will have the greatest chance of success.

Bank, loan and finance business plans are prepared as fast and as possible, with full consultation with you through the whole process.  

"Just wanted to extend my thanks for the fantastic job you did with my BP, even ANZ bank commented on how detailed and professional it was. They also said they haven't seen one done like this in a very long time, so thank you very much! Your prompt, reliable & professional service comes second to none! Thank you!" Gabby, Perth WA

What you get

  • Regular communication to understand your needs, collect information and edit the plan
  • Analysis, feedback and guidance by experienced writers and consultants
  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow projections
  • Preparation of the final plan document ready for submission

What's in a business plan for finance, banks or loans?

The contents of the plan are tailored to your need but will contain details of:

  • Executive Summary
  • Full financial details, ROI and business case
  • Company overview, history and vision
  • S.W.O.T.
  • Business growth strategy
  • The Industry / Market - competitors, differentiation, target markets
  • Marketing
  • Sales, revenue and profit projections

We create business plans for our clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart. Business Plans, Small Business Plans, Immigration Business Plans, Bank Business Plans, Builders Business Plans and Finance/Investor Business Plans.