12 Month Business Plan

12-Month Business Plan

- Are your goals decided, documented and accountable?

- What is your target revenue? profit?

- Are your major projects prioritised? new website, new market? new product launch?

- What's on your marketing schedule for the year? 

- Are you focussing on the most effective strategy for your business?

Most business owners don't have a working business plan, so the business functions day-to-day, reacting to the conditions of the day. Now there are no more excuses for not having a business plan. The Business Plan Company has an easy solution.

The 12 Month Business Plan is a short, sharp roadmap that that keeps your operating small business focused for the next 12 months. Not a long-winded, complex business plan - just the facts, headline targets and major projects for the year.
The Business Plan Company creates this valuable guide, for everyone in your business to use.

From $1500 + GST 
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